Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why is Planning Important?

Author: Jeff Willis
One of the most important aspect of developing strong ways of winning is the planning. Noted author Mark Twain hit it on the head when he said, "The Secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable ones – then starting on the first one." Why is Planning Important?
• Planning is leveraged time. 20 minutes of planning per day can improve your productivity immensely. Affording yourself time to plan will pay off in the future. You'll make sure that you are staying on track with your goals and you can ensure that you become more task oriented. By simply taking 10-20 minutes to go through what your objectives or outcomes are, you will be more likely to achieve them and not get sidetracked which is quite easy to do especially when working online.
• Planning provides the framework for informed decision making. By planning what you are going to do you will be establishing a framework and will be able to tick off items from your "to do" list as you go along. This is an extremely effective way to manage any tasks that you have.
• Planning reduces crisis management. If you plan effectively there is less likelihood of any critical issues coming up. However, it is important to be prepared for unforeseen situations occurring and be prepared to sit back and plan again around any issues.
• Planning allows focus and personal energy direction. As you can appreciate, by establishing a focus through planning you will be able to channel your energy positively into reaching an outcome. Having a course of direction will assist you in accomplishing your tasks in a more timely and efficient manner.
 • Planning helps to eliminate:
• A) bad habits;
 • B) Fear of failure. If you stick to a plan you are more likely to break some bad habits you might have (ie surfing around the net without really accomplishing anything). By establishing a plan and sticking to it you are less likely to fail.
• Planning allows you to set priorities and focus on what is important. Even within your plan you can prioritize your tasks so that items you think are more important than others can be auctioned accordingly. You need to discover what is important to you and sometimes go through a few boring tasks in order to get to the exciting end result. Effective planning will have a HUGE impact on breaking bad habits you might have and should lead to successful task management. Give it a go for the next week whenever you are getting ready to make a sales presentation or if you are online working on a website. Write out what you want your objectives and outcomes to be. Get a "to do" list happening! To Your Success!
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Building Blocks For A Better Marriage

Author: T Dub Jackson

A happy marriage is something that requires more than a little bit of work along the way. The couples that appear the happiest are often the couples that are either working very hard behind the scenes to keep it that way or really faking it in public. The truth is that no marriage is perfect – even if it seems to be from the outside looking in. But there are a few essential elements you can build on to have a better marriage than you probably think is even possible after a hefty dose of marriage reality. Here are a few of the "building blocks" you need to have in place for your marriage to be healthy and happy for many years to come.

A Foundation Steeped in Reality

Many of us grew up watching reruns (or perhaps even first runs) of classic televisions shows like Leave it Beaver and The Brady Bunch where all of life's problems could be resolved in the course of thirty minutes, dinner was always on the table promptly at 6:00, and the house was always immaculate.

Most of us have extremely unrealistic expectations of what married life is going to be like. More importantly, most of these shows do not deal with the reality of juggling two jobs, feeling divided about parenting, and struggling to pay the bills when there always seems to be more month than money in the household budget.

You each have unrealistic expectations of what married life is going to be like. The male may expect the house to be spotless all the time (and never his responsibility) while the female may expect the guy to take care of all the traditional "guy" things like painting the house, mowing the lawn, and servicing the vehicles.

The problem is that the world has changed in the last five or six decades and so have the previously iron clad gender roles of the modern marriage. You're going to have to sit down together and come up with some realistic expectations from each other and yourselves in order to make your marriage work and escape a lot of the conflict that is ripping other marriages today apart.

An Honest Commitment to the Success of Your Marriage

While most people don't take their walk down the aisle believing their marriages will fail; they also don't fear the walk as much today because they know there are options available if it does fail. It's hard to remain firm in your commitment if you're constantly referring back (at least on a mental level) to the safety net of a divorce.

It's better to remain firm in the commitment you've made to your spouse and focus on how to be a better partner than it is to look for ways out or how to give as little as possible to the cause of your marriage. Your marriage needs to be your number one priority in life and not the one commitment that gets only left over energy and attention. Plan to spend time with your spouse. Plan to do things together that each of you enjoy. Set aside time to discuss the future, set goals, and make plans together. Without these things your marriage will thrive about as well as an unattended garden. At the very least, it will be full of weeds and unwanted wildlife.

When your marriage does have trouble, that doesn't mean it's the beginning of the end. Even if the trouble lead to separation or divorce; it's still not too late to get your ex back – especially if you begin with the words of wisdom and plan of action you'll find in this FREE video. In fact, put the first step to work in your marriage today and see what a HUGE difference it makes!

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