Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What is Equity Financing vs Debt Financing?

Author: Jose Valdez

If you are starting a business and are looking at your financing options, there are two types of financing available: equity financing and debt financing.

Debt Financing
Debt financing means taking out a loan (money that is to be paid back over a certain period of time, usually with interest). Debt financing is either short term (the loan is to be repaid in less than a year) or long term (the loan is to be repaid in more than a year). Lending parties will also look closely at the business's debt-to-equity-ratio.

When taking out a business loan, the only obligation of the business is to repay the loan according to the terms that were agreed upon. The lending party does not gain ownership in the business.

Many lending institutions require the owner(s) of smaller businesses to personally guarantee the loan. In such a case, the commercial loan becomes the same as a personal loan.

If you are starting a home based business and are looking to take out a commercial loan, then you will be definitely be asked to personally guarantee the loan.

Advantages of Debt Financing
The biggest advantage of debt financing is that the lending party does not gain any part of ownership of your business and your only obligation to lending party is to repay the debt. Also, repayment of the loan is typically a fixed expense, according the terms of the loan.

Dis-Advantages of Debt Financing
The biggest dis-advantage is that the business will not have all of its cash flow available to do business. Also, the interest that is owed can be high.

Equity Financing
Equity financing is when you (the business owner) sell an ownership interest in your business in exchange for money. The business owner and the investor(s) shares the business and the risks that come with it.

Equity financing is a form of financing your business without incurring debt. With equity financing you don't have to take out a loan since the funding is already coming from an investor in exchange for a piece of ownership in the business.

Many small and growth-stage businesses use equity financing as a source of funding. There are many sources of equity financing including non-professional investors such as family and friends, employees, etc. The most common source, however, are professional investors known as venture capitalists.

Venture capitalists are looking for businesses with the potential to grow, thereby increasing the value of their investment. They do not expect to see an immediate return on their investment.

Most venture capitalists focus on certain types of businesses such as, start-ups, specific industries (health, technology, service) or technologies.

Advantages of Equity Financing
The major advantage of equity financing is that the cash flow that would have been used to repay the loan, can be used to grow the business.

Dis-Advantages of Equity Financing
The major dis-advantage of equity financing is the loss of interest of ownership of your business and also the possible loss of complete control that can accompany a sharing of business ownership with investors.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Senior Home Care

Author: The Ol' Boomer

There may come a time when you will face the fact that your elderly loved ones require a bit of assistance, especially when cognitive and/or physical abilities begin to fail. It's not an easy decision to make, but once you decide that your loved one requires senior home care, it's time to find someone to help out.

If you and other family members live within a short distance, it's possible that you could work out a simple schedule for stopping in and visiting with your loved one on a daily basis. If that is not possible, you'll need to consider one of the following options:

Do you know of a trusted and reliable neighbor, friend, or even distant relative who could stop in and check on your loved one during the day?

Is there a reputable non-profit organization or for-profit business in the area that could assist your loved one? This could prove to be a real challenge if you're not living in close proximity to your aging parent(s).

Or, perhaps you need to consider having your loved one move into your home with you so you can watch over them and help them daily with whatever it is they need?

Types of Senior Home Care Services

Before making any decisions about home care for your parent(s), it's a good idea to know what services are available. This way, you can make a more educated and confident decision.

1) Non-medical In-Home Care - someone would visit the home each day and provide basic services that might include housekeeping, cleaning, cooking, bathing, getting dressed, or helping with other chores as needed.

2) In-Home Medical Care - this is a similar service as mentioned above, but means that a person who holds a medical certification of some kind would be visiting the home on a daily basis. This type of home care would include tasks such as helping with blood pressure, administering medications, and other monitoring services.

3) Concierge Services - someone would shop for and drop off items for your parent(s).

4) Companion Services - someone would be hired to move in with your parent and provide full-time services (many of which are listed above).

5) Nursing Care - this type of senior home care can be secured on a full-time or a part-time basis.

How To Locate and Decide on Senior Home Care Providers

It's no easy task to choose just the right type of home care for your parent, but here are some helpful resources that should make the process a bit smoother and perhaps easier for you.

This locator guide from Assist Guide Information Services may be helpful for finding a reputable home care service near your parents' home. The Family Care Navigator is a helpful site for locating home health care. And of course, Medicares providers site could be helpful as well.

Make sure to refer to the checklist provided by AARP as you consider each possible home care service. Read over this checklist of Do and Don't when working through the process. You'll want to get references from others who have used the service you're considering to make sure they were trustworthy, compassionate, and competent.

How to Pay for Home Care Services

These services are not inexpensive, but there is a lot of financial help available to you. This way, your parent(s) can stay in their home where they are most familiar and comfortable. Check out the Benefits Guide for Seniors and Elder care Locator.

We would appreciate hearing about any additional resources that you've found to be helpful during your search for a home care service provider.

Oh, you may find this down loadable calendar from Lotsa Helping Hands to be a great organizational tool.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

What is the Future of Nursing Careers

Author: retrsw

What is the future of nursing careers? Predictions are that in 10 or 20 years, it will look nothing like it does today! With new technologies and drugs, changes in insurance and health care policies, and the shortage in nurses, the profession will have to reinvest itself.

Many nursing functions will be automated. For example, documentation and updating patient records, smart beds to monitor vital signs, bar codes, and automatic medicine carts could reduce the time and errors in dispensing medications, and voice-activated technology would eliminate the need to constantly write things down. Other nursing task such as serving meals will be taken over by aides. This would give nurses more time to provide a human touch to their patients.

As a result of nursing shortages, health-care facilities will be forced to use their nurses judiciously. Nurses will spend more time at the bedside as educators and care coordinators to refocus on the patient. With the lengths of patient stays shortening, nurses will have to make the best use of a shrinking amount of time hospital stays. Nurses will also spend more time in administration and supervision positions. They will need to know how to access knowledge and transfer it to the patient and their loved ones.

The changes in technology will possibly attract more men and minorities into the profession. Greater emphasis must be placed on supporting teaching careers and recruiting educators from diverse cultural backgrounds to relieve the serious shortage of nursing school faculty. Therefore, more loans and scholarships for master's and PhDs would also have to be in place, and the colleges would have to pay the instructors more money.

If the nursing shortage continues, hospitals may have to be reserved only for the very sickest. That means that the number of outpatient care will increase, as will the need for home health care nurses. They will also serve more prominent roles in clinics, consulting firms, insurance companies, and software and technology companies.

Nurses in the future would probably do much more population-based or community health care. They will identify risks and establish priorities for specific populations and groups. They will provide community education and work with employers and insurance payers to develop programs that save money as well as promote health.

Nurse practitioners have a bright future especially in geriatrics and gerontology. With the baby boomer generation reaching retirement, those nurses who are themselves baby boomers but are not yet ready to retire may find themselves in the role of consultants. They would be the geriatric providers of choice because they would have a better understanding of aging.

As technology and research progresses, in linking chronic illnesses to behaviors, nurses would focus more on preventing the illnesses rather than treatment. Also, drugs designed for health-care that targets diseases before they start, and identifying risks for those diseases will enhance preventive care. This means that people are going to have to learn to take care of themselves more. The nursing shortage and rising health care costs will also put pressure on the health care system to change from an illness model to a wellness and prevention model.

Therefore, no matter what the future holds, nurses will have be prepared to keep learning, growing, and expanding and changing alongside he trans-formative role of the health-care profession. That obviously comes easier when one is passionate about the career.

Sophie Peters is the editor of
information and resource guides e-learning and college degree programs.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Identifying Genuine Data Entry Jobs among Thousands of Scams

Author: Vijaya Kumar

There are thousands of data entry jobs and various kinds of data entry jobs available in the internet. Any person who wishes to work from home can join these data entry jobs and earn money by just keying in the computer having an internet. These data entry jobs are not of the same nature but differ depending on the client requirements. But it is important to choose the right kind of legitimate job in the internet.

In traditional data entry jobs, you have to key the data given and save it in the specific format requested and send it to the customer. You will be paid based on the number of keys or words you have typed. You are required to have a good typing skill with speed and accuracy. The customer will give instructions on formatting the text, alignment and insertion of tags if any is required. There are various types of inputs available like PDF, Tiff, Rtf, SGML, HTML, .doc etc. You will be given data in any of the formats and asked to key the same and save it in the format required by the client. This is not a very tough job. You have to key what you see.

In these data entry job, quality of keyed data is the deciding factor for earning more revenue. If you have typed without any spelling mistakes and followed the instructions perfectly and produced the output within the turnaround time specified, you will be paid well.

For a genuine traditional data entry job, look for the input type, instructions to follow, quality procedure, turn around time etc and make sure you join the right program. Here, the more the keyed in data with quality output, the more the revenue.

There are various resources to find out genuine data entry jobs in the internet. You can identify the resources for data entry jobs using search engines around the internet, using various web forums, renowned company web sites etc. Also some companies do outsourcing their jobs to home based working people.

But there are lots of scammers spread across the internet. Their main motto is to grab your money or get your financial information and abscond as soon as they collect huge money. By outlook, we cannot differentiate scammers and others, but meticulously we have to look for selecting the right opportunity. Do not jump into conclusions just by fancy advertisements or jazzy words and hi-fi promises given in the web site. Before signing up any formality or joining any programs, always do a consultation with Better Business Bureau (BBB) or Small Business Administration (SBA). And also you can post your queries in various web forums and get public opinions. This will also give a better idea to carry out the respective data entry job.

Filling survey forms is also a kind of data entry job.

Surveys are very important for companies to develop the products or services according to the need of the market. There are so many Market Research firms available in the e-market who take care of such surveys and give report to these companies for better designing of the product or services. The market research firms hire people for doing online market research as the public opinions are worth a lot. When you do such surveys, you have to key in information about the questionnaire or the opinions asked about the product or service rendered by various companies. The payment will be based on the number of surveys you have completed online

There are so many data entry jobs available in the e-market. It is very important to select a genuine data entry job because most of the data entry jobs available in the internet show a different path. The indication for choosing the legitimate data entry job is that the company will pay you and not the other way around.

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