Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fabulous Christmas Gift Ideas That Never Go Out of Style

Author: Sam

It seems that as we age, the more nostalgic we get, and the holiday season wouldn't be complete without the tradition of storytelling from grandparents as they get a little drowsy on sherry. So why not offer them with Christmas gifts that remind them on what had been? Such memento is a scrapbook from the 1920s up to the 1980s. These will certainly make awesome keepsakes as they contain images and memories on what had been. Thus, these will be perfect Christmas gifts to anyone who are getting a little sentimental.

Without any doubts, the yuletide season can truly be a delightful time of the year where families get together, eat good food and unwrap wonderful presents. It doesn't seem to matter how old we get. Receiving gifts today is just as fun way back when we were kids, though the gifts themselves have changed a bit over time.

Toys often go in and out from style nowadays quicker than they used to; and most of us would like to think that we obtained weeks of pleasure from our gifts back in the good old days. Occasionally it isn't the delight of the Christmas presents themselves that makes us blissful, but the thought of what Santa has for us, and that moment of happiness the minute you rip the wrappers open and find exactly what you wished for. If only you can wrap those emotions and make them gifts themselves you may always find yourself feeling elated.

It is indeed wonderful to see your loved ones smile as they reminisce their childhood or a special time in their lives upon receiving your Christmas gifts. Moreover there are a numerous means by which you can bring back the past and flash a beam on their faces.

An example would have to be an original tabloid/newspaper which can truly enthuse any day. Offer someone an authentic copy of "The Times" or "Telegraph" newspaper from the day of their birth, and for sure you'll have a very delighted loved one. This can be placed inside a beautiful handmade box, and be treasured for a lifetime.

Having the entire family gathered as one and lots of exciting moments to be shared, the holiday season for sure is a great opportunity to capture magnificent photographs. Some people remember having worn a Santa outfit or a picture of the kids unwrapping their Christmas gifts but cannot remember where the photos are now. These are one of those moments that are worth keeping and treasured. Well, lucky for you, photographs themselves can be made excellent and personalized Christmas presents. Just select which one you like, have it copied onto personalized items including bags, chairs, or even tea cups! It truly is a great way to reminisce a special moment time and time again.

In actuality, there are a lot Christmas gift ideas you can see over the web. But always remember that the true meaning of Christmas cannot be found in those little boxes stacked under the tree. It's a commemoration of God's gifts to mankind - the gift of His Son - Jesus Christ. Christmas is a time to be grateful for the gift of love with people who matter to us, and a time to share to the less fortunate people around us.

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Author: BradfordB

During every great depression, or recession there is a modest risk taking investor in each sector of business, that has sharpened his skills for at least ten years before that depression or recession takes place and absolutely dominates and manifest results from a master plan that makes all others in the same sector look foolish and quite simple. There have been the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilt's, and the Kennedys and so on. During the Great Depression there was Harry Helmsley, who took New York Real estate by storm with a quiet and simple plan of small partnerships that grew and grew until he arranged real estate investor groups, known today as Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REIT's. Fast forward to this great Recession or Depression of 2009 we have been waiting to see who would emerge in the sectors hit the hardest, stocks and real estate.
When it comes to taking advantage of the thousands of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac foreclosures due to ARMs loans and Home give a ways, coupled with the massive foreclosures amounting from major corporate lay offs in 2008 and 2009.The New Harry Helmsley of Real Estate Award goes to Kiaron Daughtry founder and chairman of Emerald Waters Corporation.
During the year of 2009 Mr. Daughtry has acquired 34 investment properties, all in metro Atlanta, all at 10 to 15 cents on the dollar of their previously closed sales prices. He plans to hold every last property for at least 5 years and makes sure that every property is refurbished and has a tenant in it within 45 days of purchase, creating a passive income stream that the late harry helmsley would be proud of.

Although Kiaron told us the details of his master plan and how he makes it work he would not give us permission to publish it in this article. He would only allow us to state that each property is free and clear, and bringing in well over $1,200.00 a month for each property (guaranteed funds) and no eviction to date. Besides the phenomenal success in real estate acquisitions, Mr. Daughtry has also formed a Real Estate Investment Trust of his own which he will manage himself personally.

We caught up with Kiaron, known abroad by his last name "Daughtry" this summer after many declines for an interview. "I only trust myself when it comes to handling a four million dollar REIT" when asked about who he had in mind to manage the newly formed Investment Trust. "I mean I have to have a project manager, a budget manager, a rental placement manager, a marketer, a tenant deflector, and some one to think of everything that could go wrong and have a proficient and efficient solution for it". "I can't think of anybody else that would have the drive to consume themselves in it like I do".

When asked about the comparison to the beginnings of the late great Harry Helmsley, he said "nobody could do it like harry and Leona, they were the Jordan and Pippen of the game in the 1930's", "but make no mistake about it, no body will do it like us". We are the best at what we do, so I get more calls for counsel then anything else right now". Then I asked what his best business asset is, and I was shocked when I saw his eyes stare right through me as he softly spoke, "Strategy, when it comes to planning and strategy there's no one walking the face of the earth that's better then me". After a brief pause he continues, "you know it when you look in my eyes, they know it when I walk in the room." Then suddenly the room warms up and he jumps back on to the helmsley's, "just as I used harry as a blue print and imitated the route that he took, there is another pioneer out there sharpening, cultivating his or her skills and knowledge and by 2019, he will be considered THE ONE." Spoken like a true Matrix Fan.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What is Equity Financing vs Debt Financing?

Author: Jose Valdez

If you are starting a business and are looking at your financing options, there are two types of financing available: equity financing and debt financing.

Debt Financing
Debt financing means taking out a loan (money that is to be paid back over a certain period of time, usually with interest). Debt financing is either short term (the loan is to be repaid in less than a year) or long term (the loan is to be repaid in more than a year). Lending parties will also look closely at the business's debt-to-equity-ratio.

When taking out a business loan, the only obligation of the business is to repay the loan according to the terms that were agreed upon. The lending party does not gain ownership in the business.

Many lending institutions require the owner(s) of smaller businesses to personally guarantee the loan. In such a case, the commercial loan becomes the same as a personal loan.

If you are starting a home based business and are looking to take out a commercial loan, then you will be definitely be asked to personally guarantee the loan.

Advantages of Debt Financing
The biggest advantage of debt financing is that the lending party does not gain any part of ownership of your business and your only obligation to lending party is to repay the debt. Also, repayment of the loan is typically a fixed expense, according the terms of the loan.

Dis-Advantages of Debt Financing
The biggest dis-advantage is that the business will not have all of its cash flow available to do business. Also, the interest that is owed can be high.

Equity Financing
Equity financing is when you (the business owner) sell an ownership interest in your business in exchange for money. The business owner and the investor(s) shares the business and the risks that come with it.

Equity financing is a form of financing your business without incurring debt. With equity financing you don't have to take out a loan since the funding is already coming from an investor in exchange for a piece of ownership in the business.

Many small and growth-stage businesses use equity financing as a source of funding. There are many sources of equity financing including non-professional investors such as family and friends, employees, etc. The most common source, however, are professional investors known as venture capitalists.

Venture capitalists are looking for businesses with the potential to grow, thereby increasing the value of their investment. They do not expect to see an immediate return on their investment.

Most venture capitalists focus on certain types of businesses such as, start-ups, specific industries (health, technology, service) or technologies.

Advantages of Equity Financing
The major advantage of equity financing is that the cash flow that would have been used to repay the loan, can be used to grow the business.

Dis-Advantages of Equity Financing
The major dis-advantage of equity financing is the loss of interest of ownership of your business and also the possible loss of complete control that can accompany a sharing of business ownership with investors.

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Senior Home Care

Author: The Ol' Boomer

There may come a time when you will face the fact that your elderly loved ones require a bit of assistance, especially when cognitive and/or physical abilities begin to fail. It's not an easy decision to make, but once you decide that your loved one requires senior home care, it's time to find someone to help out.

If you and other family members live within a short distance, it's possible that you could work out a simple schedule for stopping in and visiting with your loved one on a daily basis. If that is not possible, you'll need to consider one of the following options:

Do you know of a trusted and reliable neighbor, friend, or even distant relative who could stop in and check on your loved one during the day?

Is there a reputable non-profit organization or for-profit business in the area that could assist your loved one? This could prove to be a real challenge if you're not living in close proximity to your aging parent(s).

Or, perhaps you need to consider having your loved one move into your home with you so you can watch over them and help them daily with whatever it is they need?

Types of Senior Home Care Services

Before making any decisions about home care for your parent(s), it's a good idea to know what services are available. This way, you can make a more educated and confident decision.

1) Non-medical In-Home Care - someone would visit the home each day and provide basic services that might include housekeeping, cleaning, cooking, bathing, getting dressed, or helping with other chores as needed.

2) In-Home Medical Care - this is a similar service as mentioned above, but means that a person who holds a medical certification of some kind would be visiting the home on a daily basis. This type of home care would include tasks such as helping with blood pressure, administering medications, and other monitoring services.

3) Concierge Services - someone would shop for and drop off items for your parent(s).

4) Companion Services - someone would be hired to move in with your parent and provide full-time services (many of which are listed above).

5) Nursing Care - this type of senior home care can be secured on a full-time or a part-time basis.

How To Locate and Decide on Senior Home Care Providers

It's no easy task to choose just the right type of home care for your parent, but here are some helpful resources that should make the process a bit smoother and perhaps easier for you.

This locator guide from Assist Guide Information Services may be helpful for finding a reputable home care service near your parents' home. The Family Care Navigator is a helpful site for locating home health care. And of course, Medicares providers site could be helpful as well.

Make sure to refer to the checklist provided by AARP as you consider each possible home care service. Read over this checklist of Do and Don't when working through the process. You'll want to get references from others who have used the service you're considering to make sure they were trustworthy, compassionate, and competent.

How to Pay for Home Care Services

These services are not inexpensive, but there is a lot of financial help available to you. This way, your parent(s) can stay in their home where they are most familiar and comfortable. Check out the Benefits Guide for Seniors and Elder care Locator.

We would appreciate hearing about any additional resources that you've found to be helpful during your search for a home care service provider.

Oh, you may find this down loadable calendar from Lotsa Helping Hands to be a great organizational tool.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

What is the Future of Nursing Careers

Author: retrsw

What is the future of nursing careers? Predictions are that in 10 or 20 years, it will look nothing like it does today! With new technologies and drugs, changes in insurance and health care policies, and the shortage in nurses, the profession will have to reinvest itself.

Many nursing functions will be automated. For example, documentation and updating patient records, smart beds to monitor vital signs, bar codes, and automatic medicine carts could reduce the time and errors in dispensing medications, and voice-activated technology would eliminate the need to constantly write things down. Other nursing task such as serving meals will be taken over by aides. This would give nurses more time to provide a human touch to their patients.

As a result of nursing shortages, health-care facilities will be forced to use their nurses judiciously. Nurses will spend more time at the bedside as educators and care coordinators to refocus on the patient. With the lengths of patient stays shortening, nurses will have to make the best use of a shrinking amount of time hospital stays. Nurses will also spend more time in administration and supervision positions. They will need to know how to access knowledge and transfer it to the patient and their loved ones.

The changes in technology will possibly attract more men and minorities into the profession. Greater emphasis must be placed on supporting teaching careers and recruiting educators from diverse cultural backgrounds to relieve the serious shortage of nursing school faculty. Therefore, more loans and scholarships for master's and PhDs would also have to be in place, and the colleges would have to pay the instructors more money.

If the nursing shortage continues, hospitals may have to be reserved only for the very sickest. That means that the number of outpatient care will increase, as will the need for home health care nurses. They will also serve more prominent roles in clinics, consulting firms, insurance companies, and software and technology companies.

Nurses in the future would probably do much more population-based or community health care. They will identify risks and establish priorities for specific populations and groups. They will provide community education and work with employers and insurance payers to develop programs that save money as well as promote health.

Nurse practitioners have a bright future especially in geriatrics and gerontology. With the baby boomer generation reaching retirement, those nurses who are themselves baby boomers but are not yet ready to retire may find themselves in the role of consultants. They would be the geriatric providers of choice because they would have a better understanding of aging.

As technology and research progresses, in linking chronic illnesses to behaviors, nurses would focus more on preventing the illnesses rather than treatment. Also, drugs designed for health-care that targets diseases before they start, and identifying risks for those diseases will enhance preventive care. This means that people are going to have to learn to take care of themselves more. The nursing shortage and rising health care costs will also put pressure on the health care system to change from an illness model to a wellness and prevention model.

Therefore, no matter what the future holds, nurses will have be prepared to keep learning, growing, and expanding and changing alongside he trans-formative role of the health-care profession. That obviously comes easier when one is passionate about the career.

Sophie Peters is the editor of
information and resource guides e-learning and college degree programs.

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Identifying Genuine Data Entry Jobs among Thousands of Scams

Author: Vijaya Kumar

There are thousands of data entry jobs and various kinds of data entry jobs available in the internet. Any person who wishes to work from home can join these data entry jobs and earn money by just keying in the computer having an internet. These data entry jobs are not of the same nature but differ depending on the client requirements. But it is important to choose the right kind of legitimate job in the internet.

In traditional data entry jobs, you have to key the data given and save it in the specific format requested and send it to the customer. You will be paid based on the number of keys or words you have typed. You are required to have a good typing skill with speed and accuracy. The customer will give instructions on formatting the text, alignment and insertion of tags if any is required. There are various types of inputs available like PDF, Tiff, Rtf, SGML, HTML, .doc etc. You will be given data in any of the formats and asked to key the same and save it in the format required by the client. This is not a very tough job. You have to key what you see.

In these data entry job, quality of keyed data is the deciding factor for earning more revenue. If you have typed without any spelling mistakes and followed the instructions perfectly and produced the output within the turnaround time specified, you will be paid well.

For a genuine traditional data entry job, look for the input type, instructions to follow, quality procedure, turn around time etc and make sure you join the right program. Here, the more the keyed in data with quality output, the more the revenue.

There are various resources to find out genuine data entry jobs in the internet. You can identify the resources for data entry jobs using search engines around the internet, using various web forums, renowned company web sites etc. Also some companies do outsourcing their jobs to home based working people.

But there are lots of scammers spread across the internet. Their main motto is to grab your money or get your financial information and abscond as soon as they collect huge money. By outlook, we cannot differentiate scammers and others, but meticulously we have to look for selecting the right opportunity. Do not jump into conclusions just by fancy advertisements or jazzy words and hi-fi promises given in the web site. Before signing up any formality or joining any programs, always do a consultation with Better Business Bureau (BBB) or Small Business Administration (SBA). And also you can post your queries in various web forums and get public opinions. This will also give a better idea to carry out the respective data entry job.

Filling survey forms is also a kind of data entry job.

Surveys are very important for companies to develop the products or services according to the need of the market. There are so many Market Research firms available in the e-market who take care of such surveys and give report to these companies for better designing of the product or services. The market research firms hire people for doing online market research as the public opinions are worth a lot. When you do such surveys, you have to key in information about the questionnaire or the opinions asked about the product or service rendered by various companies. The payment will be based on the number of surveys you have completed online

There are so many data entry jobs available in the e-market. It is very important to select a genuine data entry job because most of the data entry jobs available in the internet show a different path. The indication for choosing the legitimate data entry job is that the company will pay you and not the other way around.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Teen Pregnancy and It's Effects

Author: Peter sams

Teen pregnancies are still the norm in much of the developing world. Each child born to a young girl normally is considered a blessing.
Despite the fact that the teen birth rate is slowly falling, there are still an estimated one million teen pregnancies in the United States alone. About 85% of these pregnancies are unplanned, which in any population can increase the risk for problems. The biggest risk for teen mothers is delaying prenatal care or worse, 7.2% received no care at all.

The reason for lack of prenatal care is usually delayed pregnancy testing, denial or even fear of telling others about the pregnancy. Most states have a health department or University clinic where prenatal care is free or low cost and patient confidentiality is very important, meaning no one can tell the teen mother's family.
Teenage mothers are less likely to gain adequate weight during their pregnancy, leading to Low Birth weight which is associated with infant and childhood disorders and a high rate of infant mortality. Low-birth weight babies are more likely to have organs that are not fully developed, which can result in complications such as bleeding in the brain, respiratory distress syndrome, and intestinal problems.
Children born to teenage mothers are less likely to receive proper nutrition, health care, and cognitive and social stimulation. As a result, they may have an underdeveloped intellect and attain lower academic achievement.


Effects of teen pregnancies on the children involved. These children are far more likely to grow up in poverty, to have more health problems, to suffer from higher rates of abuse and neglect, to fail in school, to become teen mothers, to commit delinquent acts and adult crimes, and to incur failed adult marriages and other relationships.

The burdens of early childbearing on disadvantaged teens are undeniable. Trying to untangle the factors which contribute to teenage pregnancy from its effects, however, leads to a "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" dilemma. Educational failure, poverty, unemployment and low self-esteem are understood to be negative outcomes of early childbearing. These circumstances also contribute to the likelihood of teen pregnancy.

In general, teen mothers have much lower levels of educational attainment than other women, which severely limit their career options and sharply increase their likelihood of economic dependency. Only 70% of teen mothers complete high school or earn a GED, and far fewer
Risk Factors. Although it is not inevitable, some life circumstances place girls at higher risk of becoming teen mothers. These include poverty, poor school performance, growing up in a single parent household, having a mother who was an adolescent mother, or having a sister who has become pregnant.

Teenage pregnancies have become a public health issue because of their observed negative effects on perinatal outcomes and long-term morbidity. The association of young maternal age and long-term morbidity is usually confounded, however, by the high prevalence of poverty, low level of education, and single marital status among teenage mothers.

Children of teenage mothers have significantly higher odds of placement in certain special education classes and significantly higher occurrence of milder education problems, but when maternal education, marital status, poverty level, and race are controlled, the detrimental effects disappear and even some protective effects are observed.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why is Planning Important?

Author: Jeff Willis

One of the most important aspect of developing strong ways of winning is the planning.

Noted author Mark Twain hit it on the head when he said, "The Secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable ones – then starting on the first one."

Why is Planning Important?

• Planning is leveraged time. 20 minutes of planning per day can improve your productivity immensely.
Affording yourself time to plan will pay off in the future. You'll make sure that you are staying on track with your goals and you can ensure that you become more task oriented.
By simply taking 10-20 minutes to go through what your objectives or outcomes are, you will be more likely to achieve them and not get sidetracked which is quite easy to do especially when working online.

• Planning provides the framework for informed decision making.
By planning what you are going to do you will be establishing a framework and will be able to tick off items from your "to do" list as you go along. This is an extremely effective way to manage any tasks that you have.

• Planning reduces crisis management.
If you plan effectively there is less likelihood of any critical issues coming up. However, it is important to be prepared for unforeseen situations occurring and be prepared to sit back and plan again around any issues.

• Planning allows focus and personal energy direction.
As you can appreciate, by establishing a focus through planning you will be able to channel your energy positively into reaching an outcome. Having a course of direction will assist you in accomplishing your tasks in a more timely and efficient manner.

• Planning helps to eliminate:
• A) bad habits;
• B) Fear of failure.
If you stick to a plan you are more likely to break some bad habits you might have (ie surfing around the net without really accomplishing anything). By establishing a plan and sticking to it you are less likely to fail.

• Planning allows you to set priorities and focus on what is important.
Even within your plan you can priorities your tasks so that items you think are more important than others can be action-ed accordingly. You need to discover what is important to you and sometimes go through a few boring tasks in order to get to the exciting end result.

Effective planning will have a HUGE impact on breaking bad habits you might have and should lead to successful task management.

Give it a go for the next week whenever you are getting ready to make a sales presentation or if you are online working on a website. Write out what you want your objectives and outcomes to be. Get a "to do" list happening!

To Your Success!
Jeff Willis

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don't Forget Your Ticket to Work

Author: Aaron Rifkind

Thousands of Americans are deemed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to be disabled every year and accordingly receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI), or both. The misconception among the many who receive Social Security disability benefits is that after receiving those benefits they have to stop working. The common fear is that working will cause them to lose their Social Security disability benefits. While it is true that in some circumstances working can cause the SSA to stop giving out disability benefits, most people that I have talked to have never heard of the government sponsored Ticket to Work Program.

The Ticket to Work Program was a response by the government to all of the barriers that were originally created to stop people with disabilities from working. Ticket to Work was created as part of the Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999. The goal of Ticket to Work according to SSA was to increase opportunities and choices for Social Security disability beneficiaries to obtain employment, vocational rehabilitation, and other support services from public and private providers, employers, and other organizations.

Ticket to Work is voluntary and those who wish to participate in the program can apply with SSA. After completing the application, SSA will administer a ticket to the individual which looks similar to a ticket for a sporting event. The ticket includes the issue date, ticket number, and person's claim number. Once you have your ticket, you can then proceed to the nearest State vocational rehabilitation agency or Employment Network (EN) for services. Once the ticket is handed to either a State vocational rehabilitation agency or an EN, they can offer you services to help you go back to work. Hopefully, through the help of either service you will be able to receive a meaningful and fulfilling employment position. It is worth noting that an individual can continue to receive healthcare benefits even though he or she has obtained employment. What is also great about Ticket to Work is that even if you begin your job and find yourself unable to complete the necessary daily tasks, you can immediately stop working and receive an expedited reinstatement of benefits.

If an individual chooses to participate in Ticket to Work it is important to know that you will NOT automatically lose your disability benefits. There are special rules in place called "work incentives" that allow the individual to keep cash benefits and Medicaid or Medicare while you test your ability to work. For people receiving SSDI benefits, the trial period is an accumulated nine month of services within a 60-month period. In 2009, your work constitutes services if you earn more than $700 a month. For those receiving SSI benefits, your work may affect the amount you receive but SSA counts less than half of your earnings when they compute your check. If you want to see how Ticket to Work would affect your individual benefits, you should contact a Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) Program prior to making any final arrangements with a State vocational rehabilitation agency or EN.

Many disabled individuals receiving Social Security disability benefits are under the impression that it is good not to work. They think that it is bad to work because if they did, SSA would immediately terminate their benefits. This misconception has caused numerous disabled individuals to shy away from pursuing their dreams in the workforce. For those individuals, Ticket to Work is a wonderful untapped resource. Ticket to Work can serve not only as a great resource, but as a tool to help people obtain both meaningful and fulfilling employment.

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About the Author: Aaron Rifkind is a writer and claimants representative for Social Security Defenders, who enjoys offering informational resources to the public. For more information on Social Security disability benefits, feel free to contact Social Security Defenders or visit Social Security Blog at

Monday, October 4, 2010

How Do You Know If Someone Has a Passive Aggressive Behaviour?

Author: Nora Femenia

This may come as a surprise to you, but Passive Aggressive behavior is pervasive. Given the fact that open aggression in interpersonal relations is now seen as a despicable fact, punished by law, more and more of men's aggression goes underground. As women claimed more of their own power, some of the men around began to feel unsettled by the role change. Even when they are some women which behave in this way, it is prevalent in men, who use it to protect themselves from the aspects of the relationship they can't deal with. At a wider level, this response has far reaching consequences on family and work life.

Let's look carefully at the sources of your unhappiness, to know if the difficulties are caused by PA behavior that you can neither anticipate nor manage well.

You fall in love and it looks like you will have a companion, someone to share wonderful moments together when you begin perceiving that your companion is always upset, and making you the responsible party of all differences. When something happens, you don't have a conversation where both sides examine what happened and learn from it, taking responsibility for each one's behavior. No, you have a temper tantrum and a guilt inducing session, so strong that you can end up thinking that you are so stupid, so unable to make him/her happy, that you end up feeling as a miserable wreck, or worse.

If you are dealing with passive aggressive people without realizing what is going on, it can be crazy making. You feel dismissed, shut down, ignored but in a subtle enough way that you don't know how to process and react. Your judging brain is being slowly impaired.and diminished by this constant negative environment. You can be accommodating, pleasant and patient, but the situation does not improve; at some point, you explode. Over time, this can turn into a vicious cycle: passive aggressive behavior begets anger and finger-pointing, which in turn begets more passive-aggressive behavior. You find yourself screaming, slamming doors and feeling out of control, which was not part of your behavior before.

Ask yourself these questions:

* Does your partner become angry with you about things over which you have no control? Is he blaming and punishing you for things that happen to him/her that you had no part in?

* Is your partner frequently sullen, depressed and angry about small life circumstances, but ignore the big problems, thus never facing them?

* Do you receive complaints about you don't appreciating him/her enough, not being able to appreciate even when you do more than ever to please this person?

* Is he expressing a deep idea of being cursed by life, being left behind by others who are responsible for all his problems? Does she ever take any responsibility for what happens to her?

* Is your partner describing a world that is his own creation, impervious to whatever you can say to change that? If you offer a different, more positive construct of the world, of your common friends, family and work acquaintances, is it rejected as "fabrications" because what this person sees is the only "truth"?

OK, now, be brave: Does the person you are dealing with displays at least three of the above behaviors? If the answer is YES then you are probably dealing with a passive-aggressive person who never learned how to be in an equal, mature relationship and is reproducing unresolved personal pain from childhood into this new and presumably "more mature" relationship.

If all of this translates later into any kind of abusive behavior, at least you can understand better what happens and how can you regain your integrity and self-respect.


1.- The main problem with passive aggressive behavior is first how to identify this interaction, because the same mind that needs to observe and evaluate (yours) is being confused by a barrage of mixed rational/emotional contradictory messages.

Then, we need to accept confusion and emotional pain as indicators of being in the presence of a relationship with a passive aggressive (PA) person. Is not that you are a less intelligent person; is that another person is confusing you!

2. - A person who displays PA traits is a person who never learnt how to accept and manage his anger, using twisted behavior to project his responsibility on others ("you made him angry") so blaming others for everything real or imaginary that happens to them. Deeply inside, they are emotionally unavailable and can't allow anybody to get very emotionally close, so displaying PA traits is a way to deflect the intensity of feelings, and recover the security of their inner isolation by backing off from emotional intimacy. DON'T feel rejected at a personal level.

3. - It is not related to YOU! You don't have to be a beauty queen, a very successful manager or a sex bombshell to make him happy: it has nothing to do with what you can offer him. Whatever you are, he is probably NOT relating to who you are, but reacting to his own image of what an intimate partner means for him. Getting to know what happens (you attracted a PA person to be your love relationship) has at least to give you this fact for sure: his reactions have nothing to do with you, because he would react in the same way to any one who threatens to enter into his private world. His fear is not of you, but of intimacy and yielding to emotional compromise with any woman.

UNDERSTANDING the three shortcuts you will be able to regain control of the interaction, know where you are when conflict appears and have more power to decide what is next in your life.

Regain the power to be happy in a good relationship, visit now:
Claim Today your copy of "Unfulfilled Promises" And discover how to regain control of your life.

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Best Car Donation Tips To Save You Money On Your Taxes

Author: Helen Hecker

In the United States it's possible to donate a vehicle (usually a car, but it can be a boat or any other form of transportation) to certain charities, and in return be able to claim a tax deduction on your personal income tax return. A car donation may be accepted on the condition that the vehicle doesn't have to run but should be in towing condition. A charitable car donation may be worth more than a trade-in.

The new rules allow the donor to deduct only the amount the charity receives for the vehicle. Charities usually provide you with a release of liability when they take your vehicle, and after the car sells, they send you a tax-deduction form that explains how much they received for your car. There have been car donors who needed a new vehicle and they ended up buying donated and repaired vehicles.

You may have an old vehicle sitting on your property or on the street that you don't use very often. Make sure you have the title in hand if you call in your donation.

You can usually donate a sad-looking car that's not running, depending on the charity. The donor benefits from the donation by receiving a tax receipt for the highest possible value of the vehicle. It's good to know that when you donate a car, you'll get it off your property within just a couple of days, freeing up space in the garage, in the driveway or even your yard.

Your vehicle has to have all four of the tires inflated in order to be accepted. By donating a car it can eliminate spending money on repairs, advertising fees and the problems or liabilities associated with selling a vehicle. In some cases charitable car donors can still claim fair market value for their used vehicle.

If your automobile, truck, boat, motorcycle, RV or aircraft is no longer of use to you, it can still go a long way toward supporting the charity of your choice. Make sure to fill out the forms the charity representative gives you and have them ready for the driver when he comes to pick up the car. No need to pay for advertising, no loss of privacy and possible security risk, and no need to pay for vehicle registration, insurance, and repairs to keep your car in running condition while you wait for a buyer.

Also, if your car is running, consider dropping it off with the charity yourself to save the organization from paying for towing costs. For states that require smog certificates or safety inspection certificates, you can donate your vehicle without these documents. And some cars may not qualify for the tax exemption because of the condition they're in.

There are a few exceptions in the new tax law regarding the fair market value section, for example, you may base your deduction on the vehicle's fair market value if the charity sells it to a needy individual at a discounted price or if the charity uses the car as part of its mission instead of selling it. Some charities have the capability to repair or perform maintenance and get a donated vehicle ready for sale. A vehicle donation is allowed if you itemize your income tax return.

Whether it's the law in your state or not it's a good idea to protect yourself by having proper insurance coverage on your vehicle until it's donated. One of the exceptions to the new IRS regulations allows donors to still deduct the fair market value of their vehicle, provided the charity materially improves the vehicle.

If you donate a car you can get a tax break and help your community at the same time. Major charity car donation programs include: Kidney Foundation Car Donation Program, Target and Goodwill Industries. Whatever the case, your car donation, like any charitable donation, will get you a good tax deduction, will go to help someone in need and it'll make you feel good that you were able to help in some way.

For info on choosing the best charity car donation, car donation program, used or charitable car donation online and offline go to for tax deduction tips, reviews, and info on all types of car donation

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Steer clear of These Low Awareness Credit history Credit card Traps

Author: Errol Baird

Soon after you have your vehicle loan accepted and you eventually choose up your sparkling new vehicle from the showroom your focus may shortly turn to getting rid of your money owed as shortly as feasible. Each and every prudent borrower has a spending budget to reside by and one particular of the essential factors of a spending budget is to minimize expenditures. And a single of the greatest techniques to minimize monthly bills is to get rid of debt, particularly cards.
It is no secret that credit history cards are the bane of many customers simply because utilizing effortless credit score and shortly result in unmanageable month-to-month repayments. As soon as you are in this spiral it can be difficult to preserve your head over water and you may well grow to be prone to gives of more credit history which make consolidating your financial debt appear fairly desirable.
One particular of the far more progressive methods that lenders have tried to seduce customers is to offer lower awareness rate playing cards to consolidate present credit credit card money owed. On the floor, this may possibly seem to be a odd statement. Certainly a credit rating charge card at two.ninety nine% is far better than the credit charge card charging 17%? Effectively, the solution is yes and no. Yes, a reduce attention fee is much better for a client, but not if the circumstances which connect to the card make it in the end much more costly.
Let's seem at how this can take place and what you can do to steer clear of the entice.
While not each credit score charge card lender is the exact same, quite a few attach a string of circumstances to these low-curiosity charge credit history that have a sting in the tail far larger than most shoppers picture. Let's take a seem at some of the traps so you can avoid them.
Once you have transferred the balance of your old credit history charge card to your new lower-curiosity rate card there will be a strict time-frame over which the low interest fee will utilize. In some situations it may be 12 weeks, or in other circumstances as little as 6 weeks. At the end of this period the credit history credit card will revert to its typical price which might be larger than the original card! This is a situation which you should often verify prior to signing up, if you can not spend out the total debt inside the time-frame stipulated you might be much better off creating extra repayments with your existing charge card.If you use your lower fee curiosity charge card for even more purchases it may possibly negate the reduced fee on the transfer financial debt. For example, if you transferred $10,000 to a new low rate credit card at two.99%, you will certainly benefit from the decrease fee of interest, but if you use the charge card to purchase one thing else the lower curiosity rate may possibly cease to apply and the regular charge of curiosity will now utilize to the entire debt! That's why is crucial to examine the wonderful print just before you make a modify. Make certain that you only use the credit rating credit card for the transferred credit card debt and by no means use it for any subsequent purchases.
These two easy points prove the reality that you have to have to be vigilant when applying for any vehicle mortgage or credit rating charge card offer. Verify the details just before you make a last determination.Read more: credit cards with low interest
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wholesaler clothing— Perfect stop to find cheap and stylish clothes

Author: amit kumar gupta

Fashion now occupies the center ground in popular understandings of modern culture. When it comes to buying fashionable and stylish clothes, the majority of consumers are more interested in meeting their personal fashion clothing needs at a cost that is productive. Certainly, it is really delightful when you are worn a gorgeous apparel and is commonly puffed up with pride. But it is also true, fashion comes and goes and it might not be possible for everyone to buy those expensive and trendy clothes every fortnight.

In the world of wholesale, there are wonderful deals and discounts available. There are various clothing items available to choose including all the coolest and fashionable designs, sizes, and colors when it comes to clothing. There are skirts, pants, dresses, shirts, tops and many more. Now, there are many wholesale clothing suppliers available where you can fine broad range of choices in fashion clothes. Whether you are looking for regular size dresses or need plus size clothes, you can easily find your choice of apparels in wholesaler clothing selection. Moreover, you can also consider choosing wholesale clothing and apparels for your e-commerce business as well.

Most of wholesaler clothing stores have websites of their own which you can easily browse to explore different clothing items. In fact, they even allow e-shopping already, just make payment through credit card, and wait for the items to be shipped right in your doorstep or in your store. As there is no middleman involved, you can purchase dresses and other your choice clothes without any hassle. And, if you are running your own business, then you need not buy or rent out anymore a physical unit to serve as you store. This will offer you excellent opportunity to make bigger income and regular customer as well. People always try to buy clothes based on the latest trend of fashion. So if you want to boost your apparel and clothing marketing, it is best to go for fashionable and trendy clothing niches.

If you search on internet, there are various wholesale clothing suppliers available. But you should go with those wholesaler clothing stores who focus on leading trends, changes in the fashion industry, and offer quality fabric. Moreover, you should check out their wholesale clothes line of dresses comprehensively so that you can find excellent deal on wholesale dresses. And, don’ forget to consider the price factor as well. You know there are unlimited clothes wholesalers but few of them offer high quality at super low prices.

Another thing that always matter is fabric quality, lookout to find clothes that could really last long. Yes, it is undeniable that fabric quality and comfortable has great importance especially during special occasion. Moreover, it will still help you save a lot if you would get to find the durable clothes that really last, even for several months or so. Thus, browse wholesale clothing suppliers where you can get favorable option both in terms of cost and in terms of the range of products offered. is a wholesaler clothing offering at competitive price . It is one of the cheapest wholesale clothing suppliers in Los Angeles CA. . You can buy a lot of designer outfit for yourself or your clothing shop requirement.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Credit Collectors - Discover How to Reverse the Damage Done to Your Credit Report by Collectors

Author: rgraham

A bankruptcy is a life changing event and one can certainly understand the requirement that it must be present on your credit report for the next 8-10 years. However, it is very unfair that the debt that has been passed on to collection just because you have not repaid it for a few months at a stretch will also remain on your credit score for the next 6-7 years.

This is a huge problem that can lead to many complications. The damage done to your credit score will be incalculable. When you go in for job after the recession, you will have to withstand the embarrassing questions on the presence of debt collection remarks on your credit report. Is there not any way to undo the damage done by credit collectors? Very simple.

You have the option of either disputing the collection, repaying the debt and hoping that the lender will change the feedback or entering into an agreement with your lender where you agree to repay the loan in exchange of removal of the collection remark. All the solutions are viable and feasible and will help you undo the damage.

Do not think that this solution cannot be implemented with all your lenders. No matter how tough they talk, lenders will always be prepared to negotiate as long as it involves your higher repayment.

If you promise to repay the entire debt in full without any discounts and if you insist on removal of the credit collector's remark from the report, you can be rest assured that your lenders will give it a serious thought.

The debt once passed on to collection is transferred from one agency to another until it is repaid or written off. There always is a possibility of some administrative mistake taking place during these transfers. Despite the fact that collection agencies perform a vital function, they tend to be very lax in these matters.

If such an instance has taken place in your case, simply file a dispute and get the information removed from your credit report. If the details can not be verified, it is the responsibility of the credit collectors to admit that they do not have verification. Once this is done, the credit bureau is bound to remove the information.

No matter what happens, never adopt a defeatist approach and conclude that you have no option of overcoming the problem as the damage has already taken place.

There are options available to repair bad credit and raise your credit score. Something as simple as disputing negative items can help. These items can be erased from your credit report, resulting in a significantly higher rating. Click the following link for more information on how to repair bad credit quickly and legally:

Credit Report Repair

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Credit card - Advantages and disadvantages

Author: Carmin Olivier

A credit card can be an asset to your lifestyle, but if not handled carefully it can become a liability, especially if you find it so convenient and easy to use that you lose control of your spending.

This short guide will help you understand how you can use your credit card so it works to your advantage, not against you.


A credit card can:

1. Offer free use of funds, provided you always pay your balance in full, on time.
2. Be more convenient to carry than cash.
3. Help you establish a good credit history.
4. Provide a convenient payment method for purchases made on the Internet and over the telephone.
5. Give you incentives, such as reward points, that you can redeem.


On the other hand, credit cards can:

1. Cost much more than other forms of credit, such as a line of credit or a personal loan, if you don't pay on time.
2. Damage your credit rating if your payments are late;
3. Allow you to build up more debt than you can handle;
4. Have complicated terms and conditions;

What is a credit card?

A credit card is more then a simple piece of plastic, it is first and foremost a flexible payment tool accepted at 30 million locations worldwide, and if the card balance is paid off every month, then no interest is charged on purchases made so, essentially, short-term credit is granted without the consumer paying any interest.

Among its many features it provides:

1. Access to unsecured credit (no collateral required against amounts charged)
2. Interest-free payment from time of purchase to the end of the billing period
3. Instant payment of purchases, allowing for instant receipt of goods and services
4. 24/7 access
5. Fraud protection

However before you decide to use your credit card, carefully consider all of the factors and weigh them against your personal needs and values.

What about credit card control?

Handling money and credit cards wisely is a talent few of us are born with. But it is a skill that can easily be learned. The place to start is with budgeting.

What is a Budget?

It's simply an organized way of managing your finances, basically, it gives you an overall picture of where your money is coming from, when it's coming in and how it's being spent. A budget should be flexible, changing according to your circumstances.

Why Budget?

Budgeting helps us achieve short-term goals like paying the monthly bills on time; it's also for longer-term financial goals like buying a home, a car, paying for an education,
a wedding or a holiday. When you take control of your financial affairs, you're more confident about the future.

A budget is key to financial control. It gives you a "Polaroid picture" of where you stand financially and where you're heading.

Credit card control tips

Use a low or no-fee credit card and save on the annual fee that some companies charge.

Only charge to your credit cards what you can pay off in full when the bill comes.

You might not use your credit card as much if you start believing that you have to pay off your entire balance at the end of each month.

A good way to help to reduce what you pay on your credit card is to search for a card with a lower interest rate. Many financial institutions now offer at least one of these types of cards.

Remember that when you take a cash advance on your credit card, the interest starts accumulating immediately and not on the due date of your credit card bill.

Also keep in mind that if you make only the minimum monthly repayment you may never get out of debt.


The main advantage of having a credit card is convenience but if you're not good at budgeting and managing your finances, the over-use of credit cards can leave you with a debt that's very difficult to pay back.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Quick And Easy Loans For An Emergency Situation

Author: Robert Palmer

What happens if you suddenly have an emergency to deal with and not enough money to cover the expenses? It is impossible to get a loan on such short notice and have it deposited immediately. With a Payday advance loan you can instantly be approved for a loan in as little as 24 hours. This means that if there is a money situation that needs solving quickly, you can count on being able to make the payment in a very short time.

Payday advance loans are one of the quickest and easiest loans to obtain. Regardless of your credit score, you can qualify for one of these loans which range from $100 to $1,000 dollars or even more. There are many places you can go to receive this type of loan, but the fastest way is through the Internet.

When you apply for a payday advance loan through the Internet, you need not worry about your credit score, because it will not be checked. The reason for this is because many people need this cash fast and without any sort of hassle. This type of loan can be used to pay bank overdrafts, avoid bounced checks or even cover a small hospital visit. If you need cash quick and have no other means of obtaining it, then this loan is for you.

This type of loan will not improve you credit score or rating. As a matter of fact, it will not even decrease either of these ratings. It is simply a loan for emergencies.

When you apply for a payday advance loan, you will likely see your money deposited into your checking, savings, or other bank account once your information is verified. Usually this process takes an hour, but can sometimes take a little longer. As long as you have supplied the lender with accurate information you should see a quick turnaround time.

The real advantage of this loan is that you have within two weeks to 30 days to repay the loan. This is why it is called the "Payday advance". They give you plenty of time between the application submission and your next paycheck so that you can promptly make the payment.

Interest rates with the payday advance loan are very low. The typical interest rates you pay are usually between $10 to $30 dollars for every $100 borrowed from the lender. This is significantly cheaper than traditional loans, but then again, this is not your traditional loan.

Payday advance loans are here to safeguard your credit score and rating. If you are in need of money and are in between pay periods, then this is the loan for you. Remember, searching the Internet can yield many results for this type of specialty loan. However, you must be particularly careful that you are working with a reputable company that can be trusted. You should carefully research the company you are working with before handing over any personal financial information. Doing so will help you safeguard not only your credit but your bank account access as well.
James Copper is a writer for who can cater for any emergency plumbing needs

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Friday, May 7, 2010

How to lose weight with mindful eating?

Author: Tom White

When losing weight, many believe that the key involves either eating less, or in going on some strange diet with odd restrictions. Neither approach is particularly good for a variety of reasons. Instead of eating less, or only partaking in a smaller selection of foods, it is far better to eat mindfully in order to lose weight and become healthier.

Eating less is certainly an option when wishing to lose weight, but let's look at a few reasons why this method is flawed. For one, it often doesn't work. Eating less leaves you feeling hungry which in many instances, makes you turn to unhealthy snacks as a quick solution. Even if you avoid the snacks, feeling perpetually hungry may be enough of a deterrent to dieting that you give it up before achieving your goals.

So why not feel less hungry by eating healthier foods than unhealthier ones? Instead of a large burger and heaping pile of fries, why not settle for a smaller main portion and opt for extra servings of salad and fruits? A well-made salad need not be rabbit food to be both tasty and filling, and eating more healthier foods will not only make you feel less hungry, but will also increase the nutrients available to your body.

We often feel hungry not because we need nutrients, but because of physiological responses. Even if we eat more healthily to combat these perceptions, we may still experience them, and there are other ways to both have our fills and be healthier while doing it.

Drinking more water is another excellent step. Many of us are more dehydrated than we may realize. Even spending days in cool, air-conditioned rooms takes lots of fluids from the body, and we often mistake the need for fluids with hunger. Drinking more water will not only rehydrate your body, but it will also fill you up, helping you to feel less in need of other foods.

Also, try to avoid processed sugars and artificial sweeteners. Many dieters switch to these eagerly, thinking that by cutting calories they can continue enjoying the same level of sweets as they have previously. In fact, many studies demonstrate the exact opposite effect, revealing that artificial sweeteners and processed sugars cause both an increase in weight and a boost in the body's perception of hunger. In other words, fizzy drinks are anything but.

You need not abandon sweet flavor entirely to diet successfully, nor must you completely eliminate processed sugars. Instead, simply cut back on these and satisfy sweet cravings with fruits and other foods that are naturally sweet. Not only does this help satisfy the cravings, but it takes the edge off of your hunger and gives your body even more good nutrients with which to thrive.

The next time you wish to lose weight, why not try eating smarter rather than less? Not only can doing so help you to achieve your goals, but it will also make you a much healthier person. Furthermore, you are becoming healthier without the constant, gnawing hunger or other frustrations typically associated with dieting. With so many advantages to this new way of thinking, what have you got to lose?

The author had been writing in the area of weight loss topics for many years. He is also a freelancer writer at other sector such as Used Bucket Trucks and Used Dump Trucks

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Phone Cards - A best Fit to make International Calls

Author: Albert Wessel

Over the years a lot of folks are using phone cards to call their near and dear ones or business partners. These phone cards can be used for both domestic as well as international calling. Phone cards give its users the expediency of being able to make the call anywhere and at anytime just by using this simple cards on any mobile phone or even pay phones. Remember the olden days when we had to stick staying at home when you wanted to make international calls. But now its hassle free and most of them can use their mobile phones to make calls.

Phone cards are the most expedient, lucrative way to make inexpensive international calls. One can save good money also to make international calls also and talk for much longer time than before. One of the factors to be considered by the users before going for the phone cards is spending a little time to do some evaluation shopping on international rates that can hoard the user a considerable amount of money and guarantee the user to buy phone cards that offers the economical rate for international calling needs.

Most of them find international phone cards to be a little more complicated when compared to the service of the domestic phone cards. But with the increasing worldwide economy and privileged demand for overseas calling services, phone companies had to vie in the telecommunications market by offering a diversity of worldwide calling plans that allure the individuals.

Some of the alluring advantages of these phone cards are:

1. User does not have to switch long distance hauler and they can purchase the phone card that best suits their requirements.

2. Mobility factor is more on these cards and the user can use mobile phone to make overseas calls.

3. For a regular traveler, carrying phone cards or calling cards is much cost-effective to make calls.

4. Wide ranges of phone cards are available at stores as well as even online. It’s much easier for the buyer to pick the phone card that suits his preferences.

5. After purchasing cards, the user doesn’t have to wait for long as they can start using cards to make phone when they get the PIN instantly and moreover payments are accepted online.

6. Users can easily auto-recharge the phone cards, when the balance attains assured amount or minutes. The add-on benefit is that this auto-recharge mostly comes with certain discounts or added features.

However when buying these phone cards you need to have a check on following things like connection fees, card should have 800 numbers to use, comparison of rates with other cards, expiry date, other fees or charges and many more.

Recently there are so many overseas phone cards or calling cards on the market. The rising traveling made the bait of phone cards striking, and international phone cards for made the route of making international calls simpler and easier. Make the most from these phone cards in an expedient way.

Read phone cards. Also visit calling cards and phone cards

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hey Kids! - Come Join "Good News Club" It's Free

When: Every Saturday
Time: 11:00am - 12:30pm
Where: Hope Open Bible Church of Orlando
306 North Tampa Avenue (Bld 2), Orlando Florida 32805
For more information call: Pastor Patrick Scott: 407-374-8678 or the CEF office 407-896-7288

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Practical Estate Planning: Organize Your Documents

Estate planning isn't just about legal issues -- there are practical ones as well. After you die, many of the tasks and decisions your loved ones will have to handle usually aren't covered by basic estate planning documents. You can save them some headache by making your wishes known on such issues as:

Who should be notified of your death?
Do you want a funeral or a memorial ceremony? If so, what type? Who should attend? Do you want people to send flowers, or would you prefer donations to charity? (For help, see Planning Your Funeral or Memorial Services.)
Did you prepare a will or living trust? Where did you keep them?
Do you own a life insurance policy, pension, annuity, or retirement account? Where are the documents stored? (For advice on sharing this information, see Help Your Family Claim Retirement Benefits.)
Do you have bank accounts? Do you have a safe deposit box? Where are the records? (For some guidance, see Help Your Executor: Secured Places and Passwords.)
Do you own stocks, bonds, or money in mutual funds? Where are the records?
Do you own real estate? Where are the deeds?

Most of us carry this information around in our heads and never discuss it with our family members in a comprehensive way. Our loved ones must do their best to sort it all out later.

Avoid Unnecessary Losses
Costly or painful losses can result from a failure to organize your affairs. Stocks, bonds, bank accounts, real estate, and insurance policy benefits may go unclaimed and be turned over to the state government. This happens surprisingly often. Each year, millions of dollars go into state treasuries because the rightful property owners couldn't be found.

On a more personal level, relatives or friends may not be promptly informed of a death, and valuable pieces of family history may not be passed down to future generations.
Fortunately, losses like these can be avoided with a little bit of planning, sorting, and organizing.

Organize Your Information
Making things easier for your family is not difficult, but it may be time-consuming. It's best to break the task into manageable sections and take it one step at a time. Start by thinking about some broad categories of information:
funeral plans (arrangements and whom to notify)
insurance policies
wills, living trusts, deeds, and other important documents
pensions and retirement accounts
bank, money market, and mutual fund accounts
stocks and bonds
items in safes, safe deposit boxes, and other locked or hidden places, and
family history, including the location of photographs, heirlooms, and other irreplaceable items.

Then think about organizing this information in a way that will help your family handle your affairs after your death. You can structure the information any way you like -- even some scribbled notes left in an accessible location are better than nothing -- but if you have the time and energy for it, consider a more thorough approach.

When you've got everything in order, be sure to store your information in a safe place. You might consider keeping everything in a fireproof metal box, file cabinet, or home safe. Also, be sure to discuss your new records with those closest to you. Your careful work won't help them unless they know where to find important papers when the time comes.

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