Friday, October 12, 2007

Foreign Currency Trading In The Caribbean

Foreign currency trading has elicited much excitement in Jamaica with David Smith's OLINT promising an average returns of 10 per cent a month. Many people have done well out of it and OLINT has taken away business from the formal banking sector.
Recently, investment clubs and other schemes have been surfacing in the Caribbean. Most claim to be involved in FX trading, paying 10 or more per cent per month to investors. The sustainability of any financial institution of the kinds like LewFam, Olint F1investments Cash Plus , Vision Increase West , May Daisy , Minivestment, Higgins Warner and WorldWise depends heavily on their openness about their business and the confidence the investing public has in their ability to maintain their payments of 10 or more per cent per month on money from its lenders/depositors.
There are a number of good books on Forex trading and a number of legitimate course on Forex trading on .available sites like e-bay, Amazon etc. I have a friend who is trading on the forex market. He paid around $200.00 for a course and a monthly subscription fee of around $100.00 and he is making money.
Again, beware of any company wanting to charge large amounts to take a Forex trading course. There are also numerous online brokerage houses that will allow you to set up a practice account and try trading in real time with practice money. The moral of the story is do your homework research, research, research!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Cash Plus and Olint

What do you think about companies such as Cash Plus and investment club Olint?
CASH PLUS: In recent times, much has been heard about Cash Plus (,) the company which promises 10 per cent per month on deposits. The company accepts 'deposits' from a minimum of J$100,000.Cash Plus has rarely been outside of the spotlight of the media, what with its full-page ads on its upscale housing developments featuring units costing close to US$1 million. Quite apart from asking whether anyone 'normal' can afford to purchase a house for J$67 million, some persons, while being impressed with Cash Plus and its rapid and aggressive growth in all aspects of business in Jamaica. Is the activity at Cash Plus sustainable?Whatever prejudgments one may harbor about Cash Plus, one important factor seems to be obvious.
With close to 2,000 persons on its payroll, 12 major subsidiaries involved in phone card distribution, telecommunications (Megaphone), development and construction, food, security services, import-export, computers, hotels and restaurants, automobile and auto parts, Cash Plus has become a major player in the corporate world after only five years since the concept came to Carlos Hill, chairman and CEO.

OLINT: According to industry insiders, Mr. David Smith, proprietor of OLINT Corporation ( has for some time been providing high net worth Jamaicans with exceptionally high returns on their US dollars investments. "David has been giving up to a 14 per cent return per month and a 147 per cent return per annum," a source said, "Plus there is no minimum limit on the amount of money you can invest." This is in an environment where brokerage houses are giving up to 7.5 per cent per annum on amounts locked in for two years or more, Mr. Smith has clearly filled a gap.
Mr. Smith does not solicit money. He is simply given money by individuals attracted by the high interest rates. This money is then deposited in a Panamanian bank and used to make money for the investors.
According to website at Smith a licensed representative at JMMB he specialized in international FX trading where his career was guided by Julian Mair and Keith Duncan. In his ten year career he spent seven at JMMB honing his craft.
He branched out on his own forming a club where a few friends would trade foreign currencies. The word got around and the club grew making handsome returns of as much as 15 per cent a month for members.
Smith decided to apply his skills and helped people from all walks of life, the testimonials are many and members are happy with both their returns and the way Smith has conducted himself.At this point in time the club is not taking anymore members. David Smith has made it clear that he has never solicited people and that he traded foreign currencies not securities for club members. Also at no time did he offer investment advice. He conducted trades on a currency-trading platform with the daily trading activity running to US$1.9- trillion.

I came across this article on FOREX trading titled:
Best Home Business – Raising Cash an Easy Way to Fund your Business Now
Monica Hendrix
If you don’t have much capital and you want more here is an easy way to do it. If you have $500.00 how would you like to fund your business with $100,000. Sounds too good to be true Its not here’s how. If you open an online forex account and deposit $500.00 they will let you leverage this money 200:1 200 x 500 = $100,000 so you can increase your profit potentialHANG ON I CAN’T DO THAT!

You may never have considered forex trading as a business before - but it’s easy to learn and easy to raise capital for – if you have never considered it - check these advantages and you will change your mind:

- Anyone can learn forex trading – no college education required!- You can trade in an hour an day or less.

- You only need a computer, internet connection and a few hundred dollars.

- No staff, stock or heavy overhead.

- Work from the comfort of your own home and take breaks as you wish.- Huge profit potential with leverage.

- There is never a recession as one currency falls another is rising meaning there are constant opportunities for profit.

- You don’t need to market your business there is always someone to buy and sell with.

Leverage is the key to this business as it gives you the opportunity to make money fast.

Of course, it’s a double edged sword and can cause losses. However, if you run it as a business and cut your losses and run your profits you can leverage your money and build real wealth quickly. Can You Read A Graph? If you can read a graph you can trade currencies

– Take a look at any chart and you will see trends up and down and many chart patterns repeat. Your aim is to spot them and lock in and run the big trends. This is called technical analysis and with a little practice anyone can do it

– you just need to do your homework. The only thing that will stop you doing this business is if you lack desire and work rate

– if you do don’t bother trying it because it does require effort but the rewards to the effort can be life changing. Do You Have Desire You don’t need a college education

– you need a burning desire to succeed and the discipline to follow a plan

– if you can do this, you can learn to be a currency trader

A Story to Inspire You!

Just to show everything about trading could be learned, legendary trader Richard Dennis taught a group of 14 people, of diverse backgrounds and ages, to trade, none had any previous trading experience – the result?They made him a $100.00 and he taught them in just 14 days! This proves the point that anyone with the right attitude and knowledge can succeed. Ok, you may not become as famous or as rich as this group - but the door is open in this business to anyone – so why not youThink about. Would you rather do the above or try affiliate deals or Google ad word businesses that pay dimes. This business is one where you can get going quickly you only need a small capital base and you can leverage your money.

Sure it’s a challenge – the question is are you up for it?

List of Alternative Investment, some paying 10% or more per month.

1.Lew Fam Club/2. Olint Club/.3. F1investments/.4. CashPlus Investments/5. Visions Increase World Wise/10. Advance Investment Finanzas Forex Eng/12. Capital Hill Fx A3Union ../14. Kingdom Investments International Unlimited/15. CAREIF Ltd. :: Home/
Warren Buffet, Berkshire's CEO is the most successful money manager in recorded history. The average annual return for the fund since 1990 has been 18.8%, which is almost twice the long-term average annual return of the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index. Big returns, such as a 57.4% and 52.2% gains in 1994 and 1998, helped power the stock. The biggest loss during that period was a 19.9% drop in 1999, as investors went tech crazy.Berkshire's Class A shares sell for over $150,000 as of December 7, 2007, making them the highest-priced shares on the New York Stock Exchange, in part because they have never had a stock split. Shares closed over $100,000 for the first time October 23, 2006. [1]Yet, some of the above mentioned schemes are paying 10 or more percent per month. A return of 10 per cent per month works out to be about 314 per cent a year. This is over 16 times Warren Buffet's historical average.

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