Friday, July 27, 2007

Internet good or bad

I am sitting here at 8:45 am pondering about several things and the value of having the Internet at my disposal is one of them. The Internet is being used not only for fraudulent business transactions such as Ponzi scheme but also for other crime. In the US, predators who pretend to be teenagers, asking innocuous questions like where the victim lives and if the parents are not home, is victimizing girls and boys. The next thing you know, parents get the shock of their lives when they come home to find their children raped and worse, dead.
The Ponzi scheme named after Italian Charles Ponzi who in the 1900s, migrated to the US and launched a large-scale operation that swindled a lot of Americans. Pyramid scheme require their so-called “investors” to recruit at least two others to become their left and right hand “down lines” so they can earn initial commissions, with corresponding overriding commissions from other subsequent recruits.
Swiss Mutual Fund and FrancSwiss are just two examples of how Internet technology is being used, not only to dupe people but also to commit crimes, and these can often transcend borders because of the Internet. It is important that we bear in mind that the ongoing globalization will not be possible without the Internet. With the commercialization of the Internet, things previously unreachable are now available through our personal computers.
According to the Interpol data FrancSwiss promoter of easy moneymaking scheme conducted business through the Internet and is now in trouble with the law.
Swiss Cash investment utilized the Internet to conduct business the company is managed by Swiss Mutual Fund. Swiss Mutual Fund owns three websites they are, and, they too are in trouble with the law. The Internet has essentially made the world a global village.
My question to you, is the Internet a "real" value or a 'huge" liability?

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