Thursday, July 19, 2007

War on Iraq

Polls suggest that Americans are frustrated with Mr. Bush's "surge" strategy and favor a draw down of forces. According to a Gallup Poll last week, 71 percent favor a proposal to remove almost all US troops from Iraq by April 2008, leaving a limited number of troops for counter terror efforts. But there remains a partisan divide. The same poll found that 54 percent of Republicans opposed the idea. It's this division that Congress appears to be reflecting. While most lawmakers oppose the administration's current strategy, they have not come to a consensus over the alternative.
All night debate fails to halt war. President George Bush's Republicans have blocked a Democratic plan to withdraw United States combat troops from Iraq by the end of April 2008 to cap a rare round-the-clock US Senate debate. Is the war with Iraq morally justifiable?
I found this at the Our Lutheran Redeemer Church (of Lexington, KY) website, you can read the full article here.The Christian View of War:
Can War Ever be Just? (With Thoughts About the War in Iraq)
By Dr. Richard P. Bucher
It was the great church father Augustine of Hippo who first sought to give some specificity to a definition of a just war. In fact, his position, which he articulated in the early Fifth Century, has long been the Church’s traditional definition of a just war. Augustine held that a just war must have five components. A just war:
(1) Must be waged for self-defense, rather than conquest, plunder, or political oppression;
(2) Must be initiated by the proper authority, i.e., lawful government, rather than an angry mob, etc.
(3) Must be fought with the right intention: peace. It should not be fought to gain land, power, wealth, etc.
(4) Must have a reasonable chance for success.
(5) Must use means proportionate to the goal. If the goal of a war is to liberate an oppressed people, for example, it makes no sense to destroy all their cities in the process, or to bring them under further subjection.
Where does the major religious denomination stand on war with Iraq? Where does your religious denomination stand?

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