Monday, July 9, 2007

What banks won't tell you 2 x 3

The compound interest and financial success Rule Of 72 is the most important and simple rule of financial success. It takes two minutes and costs nothing to learn the Rule Of 72. Gain financial success faster when you command the power of compound interest, instead of allowing compound interest to enslave you.
Compound interest is powerful. Compound interest should be one of your financial success tools. Don't let compound interest work against you. Financial experts use the Rule Of 72 to command compound interest and gain financial success. Some financial service providers want you to know the Rule Of 72 so you can make wise decisions to command compound interest and compound your financial success. Other financial service providers use compound interest to enslave you and compound their own financial success. They don't want you to know the compound interest and financial success Rule Of 72.
The Rule Of 72 should be taught in every school. Every young person should understand compound interest and the simple secret to financial success, before they begin earning, investing and spending.

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